Are we 2/3 there yet?

It's the start of week 6, so, yes, almost........

This week's lesson introduced some interesting concepts, and, some others which didn't seem quite so interesting at first but then grabbed my attention. Short films are perhaps chief among them. As well, they were first to be discussed, so let's just take this in order.........

I have to admit, I wasn't really sold on the idea of short films. But I liked the ones I watched so well, I know right now what my second post for week 6 is going to consist of.

Definitionally, a "short film" can be 45 minutes. That doesn't seem so "short" to me, really. I think I'd chop 10 or 15 minutes off to be placed in that category for consideration. Either way,I have to admit that I was a bit down on the prospects of short films. But after watching the series I watched, I can see some promise. I can even, as I mentioned in the postings, see some potential for television action with these short films. They're very well done, though, nobody's going to the theater to watch them. Some of them, which are essentially series, could make the move to tv pretty cleanly, I'd imagine. It'd be pretty groundbreaking.

Moving on (or else I'll talk about this forever).......

We've all heard of podcasts, but, I can't recall hearing about Vlogs, or video blogs (which I can't help but pronounce "vee logs" for some reason).

I can see the potential here. But, I can also see everyone's vlogs getting lost in the barrage of online vlogs sure to pop up (because everyone's opinion matters....... but not really, and mostly, no one cares).

Moving on (or else I'll bore even myself)........

We'll finish up with streaming media. This is a great revolution of evolution, allowing a medium available before, but underutilized for the heavy downloads incurred. I see a lot of definite potential with streaming video.

Admittedly, I don't use it that much. But it's amazing to see that over 70% of internet users have.

Makes me feel like I'm not doing enough with my internet.

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