Mobile Marketing?

Why not?

Lots of reason potentially, but this is just one area both marketers and consumers are going to have to wade through and figure out, and then *re*figure when newer technologies arise to take advantage of the newer opportunities that present themselves for your attention.

The lure of a high response rate, the convenience of catching you wherever you go (imagine marketers drooling over a mobile television audience), and the simplicity of it all....... it's too much for a marketer to pass up.

This is, however, a highly personal medium, as was pointed out in the lesson. Invasions of one's mobile phone are taken much harder than similar efforts through landlines. Somehow, the mobile phone not only seems more personal, but private.

My idea (which I still kind of think I liked best among options) worked in the interest of full disclosure, and mutual benefit. I tend to think that sometimes things work best when everything is laid out on the table for both parties to see and agree to.

The idea? Simple: free service for allowing mobile marketing. A certain number of ads, text messages, responses....... those kinds of considerations........ gets you free minutes and/or texting, and certain marketing efforts (and your response to them) gets you free long distance minutes as well (all in minor, superficial detail, of course).

Back to the opening refrain......... Why not?

More and more people are switching to cell phones entirely, and more and more people are doing so for practical reasons (re: financial concerns). If they could get free service, or, even some free service, in exchange for being exposed to advertising (or asked to participate in a campaign where they must take pictures of their local McDonald's with their phone, something like that, but more thought out than that - you get the idea), I think a sizable number of people would go for it. We're already used to being exposed to ads and other marketing efforts in exchange for being able to enjoy things like TV and radio.

Think maybe I'd even give it a shot myself.

Why not?

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