Ritz makes a good cracker.......

But did you know they made games?

Well, sort of...........

In the spirit of week 5's lessons, I ran across a site filled with links to various advergaming sites. Advergaming is, or can be, a number of things (within the concept of providing entertainment that also serves a dual purpose of marketing a product, of course), and Ritz' games seem to have tried to attempt them all.

And I have to comment, somewhat successfully.

They insisted you click on the white crackers for the games. I'm not sure what purpose this served, but it continued to place the Ritz cracker front and center in the gamer's mind (though, why wasn't it one of the yellow crackers instead?). This advergaming venture stuck out somewhat to me for what Ritz did with it, along with the fact that Ritz doesn't really have a fun association for me with it. But I spent longer at this site checking out the games, and even anxious to quit those and see what else they had, than most other sites really.

They had a cool feature where they made a kaleidoscope out of Ritz cracker images. Surprisingly, you can spend quite a while moving your mouse over it and changing the image up and enjoy it without being high (although a decent trip might make the Ritz cracker kaleidoscope last a good while longer).

They also had personality tests, trivial facts, and some game that basically ripped "Pong" off, presenting itself as "Ritz Tennis," (with a big cracker as the paddle) that I was kind of bored with and then got interested in as the cracker opposite mine found a way to come back.

The message is, I was genuinely entertained by the site. It's probably not going to cause me to go back, but, it was still pretty well done. I suppose perhaps that my thinking might change on guessing which brands/products would have better advergaming. It might just make more sense that those which wouldn't be expected to might have to work harder to dispell those notions, and bring folks in.

Maybe I'll explore this a little more..........

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